This is one of our larger projects. In order to make a “nice view”, the owners of this silted up pond had cut many of the surrounding shade trees causing excessive growth of algae. By the time we were asked to find a solution the whole pond was choked with spirogyra and Myriophyllum Aquaticum (“parrot feather”) and the fish were dying off quickly.

Our first task was the safe removal of the remaining 200 or so fish, which were first of all placed in an oxygenated inflatable pool. Once certain that they were free of disease and fungi they were transported to a local fish farm.


A 9” diesel pump was hired to empty the pond, allowing us to take soundings and ascertain the original shape.

It quickly became apparent that far from the 3’ depth we had been told, the pond had originally lined at 9’ deep.

While Tony drove the big 17 tonne excavator in, we all watched with our fingers crossed, hoping that it would stop sinking at some point.

Fortunately he did find something solid to set on, and we brought in our pair of 4 tonne dumpers to take away approximately 2000 tonnes of silt.

Close to the pond was a patch of scrub and sycamore woodland. In order to keep costs down, the silt was dumped here to level and enrich the soil with a view to subsequent planting with native broadleaf trees.

The pond was enlarged by 600sq. metres to 2200sq. metres entailing the excavation of roughly 1000 tonnes of sandstone/ironstone, which was used to fill in a rubbish dump.


Finally the enlarged and reshaped pond was puddled with blue clay.


After that, all that was left was to wait for rain.......